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6 Of The Easiest Vodka Cocktails You Can Make Right Now

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

You lock eyes from across the room. You know that they simply yearn to be loved and to touch your supple lips, but you look away, ashamed. You think about the day you first met. You think about all the missed opportunities you had. It may be a gift you never got round to opening, or the sorry remnants of a night-in long forgotten. But it's time to breathe new life into the bottle of vodka gathering dust on your shelf.

How? By using it to make cocktails of course!

'But I don't have enough of a variety of spirits to make that a possibility, let alone the funds to get them!' you think. 'Even if I did, I'm no mixologist!' you reason. Surely it can't be as easy as your local bartender makes it look as they flip tins and glasses in the air and free-pour 7 different liquids into a tin at the same time...

Lucky for you, not every cocktail needs all the ingredients and skills in the world to look and taste fantastic and, just like you, we know the delight of having simple yet refined tastes. Making drinks with the ingredients you already have should be easy. Easy in regards to the simplicity of the recipe itself, but also in how straightforward it is to find all the things you need to make it happen. Reignite the spark with your vodka with one of the these 6 easiest vodka cocktail recipes so simple and straightforward that you could make them right now.


orange juice and vodka screwdriver cocktail

It's so laughably simple that there's a high probability that you might have made one without ever even knowing it. With only two ingredients, one of which is every day orange juice, Screwdrivers are as simple as cocktails come, to the point it almost feels like a joke to call it one. But who cares? Put it in a fancy glass, add the juiciest orange wedge to garnish it and proceed to tell your friends and family about your blossoming cocktail making skills.

Sex On The Beach

One of the most recognisable cocktails by name but surprisingly, few people who aren't bartenders know just how easy it is to put together. Sex On The Beaches become extremely popular every summer without fail and you can guarantee you'll impress your friends by whipping some up up.

Since they're only made of vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice, they're very easy to batch and serve to big groups at gatherings or events.

To get the same gorgeous gradient in yours, pour the cranberry juice in last as slowly as you can over everything else.

Woo Woo

A Woo Woo is visually one size fits all. Made with three ingredients you can find easily in your local supermarket: vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice. Sound familiar?It's just a sex on the beach without orange!

Woo Woos are fun because they're so simple that you can do pretty much anything you want and it will still turn out great. It can be shaken, stirred or built directly into a glass. It can be dressed up in a martini glass or mason jar, or dressed down in a highball. Put in a little umbrella while you're at it, then sit back and marvel at your creative genius.

Moscow Mule

With a hard sounding name, an interesting backstory and a spot on the International Bartenders Association (IBA) official cocktails list, you'd be forgiven for thinking that a Moscow Mule is serious business that non-bartenders should not be meddling in.

You'll be glad to know that it's pretty much just a simple vodka highball (aka spirit and mixer) and requires virtually no effort to create beyond cutting and muddling limes. its literally just vodka and ginger beer but with limes added in!

French Martini

Soo... It's not French. In fact it's not even an actual martini... but brush aside these little white lies and you'll be pleased to discover a remarkably easy cocktail to put together which tastes just as rich and delectable as it looks.

All this magic comes down to just three easy-to-find ingredients; vodka, raspberry liqueur, and pineapple juice.

If, like a French Martini, you're not afraid to bend the rules a little, you can swap out the raspberry liqueur for grenadine, which you can easily make at home.

Black Russian

Truly as simple as it gets with only two ingredients - vodka and coffee liqueur. The Black Russian is quite a strong drink which tends to be an acquired taste, but with only two ingredients you have more than enough wiggle room to jazz it up by adding sugar syrup, or a sweeter alternative to coffee liqueur.

Even better, turn it into a smooth and silky White Russian by adding in cream!

Got another spirit bottle lying around? Check out the easiest cocktails you can make with rum too!



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