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Ekstee Speed Pourers
  • Ekstee Speed Pourers

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    Ekstee pour spouts are specifically designed for free-pouring alcohol and juices to create perfect cocktails and mixed drinks every time. Used in industry-leading bars and recommended by expert mixologists, Ekstee speed pourers are an essential tool for pubs, clubs and bars where quality and consistency is key, and the key to unlocking the full potential of your home bar.


    When you receive your Ekstee pour spouts you will instantly expand your bar's potential and experience why so many ordinary people are now able to enjoy their existing alcohol collection in ways they never thought they could.


    Get your hands on a box over on Amazon!

    • About

      • Ekstee speed pourers give you the ability to create delicious drinks and craft luscious cocktails with all the skill and consistency of world class bartenders from the comfort of your own home, with none of the effort
      • Designed specifically for multi-purpose pouring of spirits, juices, oils and syrups. Securely fits ALL standard bottle sizes and completely stops leaks, while pouring 25% faster than every other generic option, thanks to a wider spout and a thicker, more durable rubber gasket
      • Follow any cocktail recipe with confidence and precision thanks to a consistent and reliable pour speed that makes using measures and free-pouring clean and accurate, saving precious liquids from going to waste
      • Anti-rust Stainless Steel design keeps your speed pourers functional for far longer than any other and will guarantee your drinks are free from any aftertaste or residue in your drinks
      • The essential key component for turning your random collection of spirits into a dazzling home bar you can be proud of
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