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Spirit: Vodka

Glass: Martini/Coupe


The Cosmopolitan was popularised by American sitcom 'Sex and the City' and much like the show it was created in New York around the turn of the century.

It is a short, sweet, and sharp drink with a distinct citrusy flavour, a vibrant red cranberry colour and complex scent comprising of orange, lemon, and cranberries.


A flamed orange twist as garnish adds an additional layer of complexity to the taste and aroma, but this isn't strictly necessary to enjoy a good Cosmo. 

You'll need...

Glass: Martini/Coupe
50ml Lemon Vodka
50ml Cranberry Juice
25ml Triple Sec
25ml Lime Juice

Orange twist (to garnish)

  1. Add all ingredients to the shaker

  2. Shake hard

  3. Double strain into a glass

  4. Garnish with an orange twist

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