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The Non Alcoholic variation of a classic Mojito - It looks and tastes the same and is just as refreshing as the original, only with no alcohol!

Glass: Highball

• 30ml Apple Juice
• 20ml Sugar Syrup
• 4 Lime Wedges
• 8 Mint Leaves
• 50ml Soda Water
• Mint Sprig
• 2 Lime Wedges

• Pour the sugar syrup or caster/cane sugar first to the bottom of the glass
• Add the limes wedges and muddle the limes to release the juice and mix in the sugar
• Slap mint to release the oils and flavours and add to the glass
• Fill the glass with crushed ice
• Add the white rum
• Add the soda and churn thoroughly with a bar spoon
• Garnish with a mint sprig and 2 lime wedges

Virgin Mojito

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