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The Non Alcoholic variation of a classic Bloody Mary - It looks and tastes the same and is just as invigorating as the original, only with no alcohol!

Glass: Highball

• 300ml Tomato Juice
• 2 dashes of Tobasco
• 1 dash of Worchester Sauce
• 2 grinds of Black Pepper
• Pinch of Salt
• 20ml Lemon Juice
• 1 stick of Celery
• 1 slice of Cucumber

• Add all the ingredients together in a shaker tin, and add extra salt, pepper, or tabasco to taste
• Add ice to the shaker, and put a strainer on top
• Pour the liquid between tins/glasses to four times. This is called throwing
• Single strain into a glass over cubed ice
• Garnish with a stick of celery and a slice of cucumber

Virgin Mary

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