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Renowned for being light, refreshing and irresistibly more-ish, Mojitos are one of the most popular rum based cocktails in the world despite the low cost and easy it is to make even at home.

They can be found in every bar and photo during the summer, instantly recognisable by their fresh and leafy appearance

Glass: Highball

• 50ml White Rum
• 20ml Sugar Syrup
• 6 Lime Wedges
• 8 Mint Leaves
• Soda Water
• Mint Sprig

• Pour the sugar syrup or caster/cane sugar first to the bottom of the glass
• Add 5 of the lime wedges and sugar syrup and muddle together
• Slap mint to release the oils and flavours and add to the glass
• Fill the glass with crushed ice
• Add the white rum and churn the mixture thoroughly with a bar spoon
• Add the soda and stir briefly
• Garnish with a mint sprig and the remaining lime wedge


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