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A stunning, colourful mash-up of fruity juices and even fruitier liqueurs.

Getting sharp, defined layers on this is an impressive feat, making this cocktail great for showing off to your friends (but don't worry if you can't, it tastes exactly the same all mixed up!).

Glass: Lowball

• 25ml Vodka
• 25ml Melon liqueur
• 25ml Coconut Rum
• 25ml Peach Shnaaps
• 75ml Orange Juice
• 75ml Cranberry Juice
• Orange Slice
• Cocktail Cherry

• Fill the glass with ice
• Pour the melon liqueur directly into the glass
• Combine the peach shnapps, coconut rum and orange juice in a shaker with ice and shake, then strain this slowly into the glass, so that it sits above the melon liqueur
• Rinse the shaker then combine the cranberry juice and vodka in it with ice and shake, then strain slowly over the first two layers so that they stay separate
• Garnish with an orange slice and cocktail cherry

Key West Cooler

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