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An all-time classic staple for any cocktail enthusiast, the Espresso Martini is loved for its smooth and sophisticated look, and equally matching taste, coupled with the familiar energetic kick of a cup of coffee.

Just like its sister cocktail, the Black Russian, its astonishingly simple to make and made entirely with ingredients that are very easy to obtain.

Glass: Coupe

• 50ml Vodka
• 50ml Espresso
• 25ml Coffee Liqueur
• 12.5ml Sugar Syrup

• Prepare a shot of coffee beforehand. It can come from an espresso machine or made using instant coffee with 1 part coffee granules to 2 parts hot water.
• Add the vodka, coffee liqueur and sugar into a shaker
• Add the espresso and quickly fill the shaker with ice to the brim
• Shake hard to produce a thick and impressive foam
• Double strain into a glass with no ice
• Garnish with 3 coffee beans or a light dusting of chocolate or coffee granules

Espresso Martini

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