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Well known to be the unofficial national drink of Bermuda and unsurprisingly found its original popularity in the days of pirates and sailors.

A very simple drink, closer to a highball or spirit and mixer than anything, but can only be made with Goslings rum specifically to be a legitimate Dark & Stormy. It can also be made with Vodka to create a Moscow Mule

Glass: Highball

• 50ml Goslings Black Seal
• 6 lime wedges
• 300ml Ginger beer

• Muddle 5 lime wedges at the bottom of the glass
• Add cubed ice to the glass
• Fill the glass 3/4 of the way with ginger beer
• Pour the Goslings slowly on top of the ginger beer to float it over the top
• Garnish with the remaining lime wedge

Dark & Stormy

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