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A Cuba Libre is essentially a highball made with rum and coke with muddled up limes, but what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for with an interesting backstory. The name means 'Cuba is free', which was what Cuban citizens cheered in the streets of Havana after the Americans ended the occupation of Cuba. The US' biggest export at the time, Coca Cola, and Cuba's biggest export, rum, joined together for the first time in glorious harmony.

Glass: Highball

• 50ml Rum
• 300ml Cola
• 6 lime wedges

• Add 5 lime wedges to the glass and muddle the limes to squeeze the juices out
• Add ice cubes to the glass
• Add the rum
• Fill the glass with cola and churn the ingredients with a bar spoon
• Garnish with the last lime wedge

Cuba Libre

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