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Spirit: Gin




A humble yet elegant springtime cocktail that ticks every box - a simple choice to make if you've got a bottle of gin but few other ingredients! The Bramble was invented in the 80's by bartending legend Dick Bradsell who also brought us the Espresso Martini.

Brambles are short and tart drinks filled with crushed ice, topped with vibrant berries and a rich raspberry liqueur that bleeds through the drink and creates a stunning contrast between the white ice, pale lemon juice, and colourless gin.

You'll need...

Glass: Lowball

50ml Gin

25ml Lemon Juice

12.5ml Sugar Syrup

12.5ml Raspberry liqueur

3 Berries

  1. Half fill the glass with crushed ice

  2. Pour the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup into the glass and stir briefly with a bar spoon

  3. Fill the remainder of the glass with crushed ice

  4. Pour the raspberry liqueur over the top and let it soak through the drink

  5. Garnish with three berries of your choice

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