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The world of cocktails, fancy spirits, shakers and garnishes can be daunting - especially when all you’re trying to do is make your one favourite drink from the comfort of your kitchen. Well, Ekstee is here to show you that it’s not all that complicated after all.

We created Ekstee to show you how to create expert quality drinks from the comfort of your own home, in down to earth terms, without the need for fancy ingredients or equipment.


From learning recipes, to understanding equipment, to perfecting your pour, Ekstee is a one-stop destination for all you need to know: whether you're starting your journey to being a world-class bartender, hosting the house party of the century, or just really fancy an Espresso Martini.


We’ll guide you with easy to follow recipes for classic cocktails and insightful guides about how and when to use specialist equipment – like that cocktail kit that you got for Christmas, that came with 8 different sized spoons…


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About Ekstee

About The Team

We're a tiny team of cocktail lovers based in the United Kingdom with a lot of industry knowledge up our sleeves we can't wait to share with you.

Between us we have cocktail producing experience ranging from managing small local restaurants to huge branded cocktail bars in the West End of London, to e-commerce products and digital marketing. 

We only recommend products, services, tips and techniques that we use ourselves, so you can be confident that we know a thing or two about what we're saying!

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